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   ”What? What is it? Do I have something on my face?”

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"A lot less gross than that." Amy said. "Not much really happened today, bit of writer’s block." Much to her frustration.


   Smooch. “I’m sure you’ll get through it. You always do.”

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     ❝ You saying a lightsaber isn’t a proper sword? ❞

   ”—yeah.” He says it like duh. ”That’s exactly what I’m saying.”



                        ☽;; — ⎡ It’s a good thing that he choose not to ague with Cecil,

                                       because it wouldn’t have made any difference.

                                       In an attempt to avoid the painful process of re-education

                                      — at least for a little while longer,

                                       he would have done his very {best} not to listen to Rory at all.

                                       Loud hooting was sure to have followed suit,

                                       along with spiritual chants. ⎦

                                                ❝ Well, that’s very kind of you, thank you.

                                                    I think he was last seen in the break room ]

                                                    just be careful of the holes in the ground. ❞

   Just gets better and better.

"Anything else I should be on the lookout for?"

                    And if emotion-driven appliances were a thing
                    here, shouldn’t there proper authorities to deal
                    with this sort of thing? Well, of all the ways
                    he’d imagined dying as soon as he’d realised 
                    how dangerous travelling with the Doctor was, 
      (didn’t take him long to get started on that list, to be honest)
                    he hadn’t even considered a coffee machine.

                    It was seeming more and more likely.

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Of course she’s got some kind of confusion on her features at first, there’s something awfully intriguing about a man who says he doesn’t speak Dutch in perfect Dutch. There have been odder things, but she won’t let that discredit him.

   ”Je klinkt alsof je spreekt perfect Nederlands," she notes with a grin. "   "Ik dacht niet dat je me zou begrijpen! Maar je vrij bent, dat verzeker ik je. Do you — speak english?”

   ”Yes. God, yes. My native tongue, right there.
          Are we— we’re speaking english now?”

As in, at that moment,
    (because how could he really tell? it all sounded the same to him)
but he hoped she would take that to mean oh and
we’re done speaking dutch?
or anything else that
didn’t make him seem like a complete weirdo who
didn’t know what language he was speaking.

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"Yeah, ‘cos I needed your permission thanks."

   Gives the Doctor a look, but doesn’t say anything.



She sees what he’s doing there, and she’s just the tiniest bit amused. So much so, that she fights to keep a smile from gracing her lips. “No, I’d imagine that it isn’t. But it certainly doesn’t do one any favors.” Romana taps her chin, lifting a brow. “… However, will admit that certain… things make me a tad uncomfortable.”

   For a moment, he looks like he’s considering giving her a hard time anyway, but that’s all the teasing he’ll be doing with her. Except for his face when he says, “Close enough.”

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   ”Heb je spreekt nederlands? Je erg bent mooi, een mooie dag verder.

   ”Nee, het spijt me."

Then, realising that while all that sounded like they were speaking English to him, they were probably speaking Dutch and so how dumb did he sound right now? “Ik bedoel, ja. Ik doe. Heel goed.
                                                           En dank je wel?



     ❝ Tiny bit, yeah.
P R O V E it. ❞

   ”Well, I can’t, can I? I don’t exactly carry swords around with me.
And neither do you, I’m guessing. Unless it’s a collapsable one,
which sounds sort of rubbish to me. Not a proper sword.”



     ❝ ——Oh, is that so? ❞

   ”Is it that hard to believe?”